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Doctoral Students

1. Shengyue Miao (D3, DS)  
Park users’ usage and satisfaction of public parks: case studies in different levels of parks in Bangkok

2. Sharaniya Vijitharan (D2, NRM) 

From Sri Lanka

Accounting for Forest Carbon Stocks in Vavuniya District, Sri Lanka using Google Earth Engine – Implications for Carbon-based Incentives
I am passionate about developing science-based strategies to managing and conserving natural resources towards the sustainability paradigm and aiming to be a strategic thinker and specialist.

3. Sakda Songcharoen (D3, NRM) 

Identification of the optimal spectral setting to achieve optimum biomass and nutritional quality in Lactuca sativa var. crispa L: anthocyanin, fiber, soluble sugar, vitamin C, and vitamin E

Pre-Thesis Students

Punnatut Kangrang (doctoral)

From Thailand
I hope my research will be a part of fighting with IUU Fishing and I think it should be a prototype for Thailand to develop a vessel tracking system

Sai Nay Won Myint (master)

From Myanmar

Research Topic: TBD

Motto: Research is essential for better good.

Graduated Students (as chair)

Doctoral Students

Assessment of Local Perception on Eco-Industrial Estate Performances in Thailand. Graduated in December 2019. Paper published in Environmental Development

Estimation of Land Availability for Forest Restoration and Smart Agriculture using Google Earth Engine - A Case Study in Siem Reap Province. Graduated in December 2019. Papers published in Remote Sensing | Remote Sensing | Remote Sensing

Dissertation: The Effects of Green Seaweed Caulerpa lentillifera Culture on Water Quality in Aquatic Environment - Implication for Wastewater Treatment. Graduated in May 2019. Papers published in Processes and Processes

Dissertation: Analysis of Irrigation Service Quality and Production Efficiency of Farmers in Central Punjab, Pakistan. Graduated in December 2018. Sustainability

Role of Indigenous Beliefs in the Management of Wetland Resource in Lower Songkhram River Basin, Thailand. Graduated in December 2018. Paper published in Sustainability

8. BHOJ RAJ GHIMIRE (co-chair)
Dissertation: Mapping of Shorea robusta Forest using Time Series MODIS Data - Implications for Sub-National Forest Carbon Monitoring in Nepal. Graduated in December 2018. Paper published in Forests

Sustainable livelihood under agriculture-based traditional knowledge and technology for water management in Chaiyaphum province, Thailand. Graduated in in December 2017. Published in Sustainability

Dissertation: Comparative analysis on effects of different institutional arrangements on rural-tourism development in China - Case study in Huangshan Mountain Area. Graduated in May 2017. Papers published in Tourism Management and Tourism Management Perspectives

Dissertation: Polder Management and Livelihood Adaptation in Coastal Bangladesh: A Study on Policy and Institutions. Graduated in May 2017. Published in Environmental Development

Dissertation: Estimation of Carbon Emission Reductions and Costs for Reducing Local Dependency on Fuelwood Consumption in Cambodia. Graduated in September 2016. Global Ecology and Conservation and Journal of Environmental Protection

Dissertation: Assessment of Forest Carbon Balance in Southeast Asia. Graduated in March 2015. Papers published in Low Carbon Economy and Low Carbon Economy

2. 江藤 寛子 (HIROKO ETOH)
学位論文:日本における木質バイオマス利用の収益性および促進政策に関する研究 (Promotion Policies and Financial Analysis of Woody Biomass Utilization in Japan.) Graduated in March 2010. Papers published in Japanese Journal of Forestry (日本森林学会誌) and iForest

Dissertation: Using Online ICT Applications to Assess Public Responses to Climate Change Mitigation Measures. Graduated in September 2011. Papers published in Future Internet and Applied Energy

Master Students

32. Kyalima Khanal

Assessment of Tree Carbon Measurements Obtained using Smart-
Phone, Drone and Conventional Methods. May 2022 Graduation.

31. Wirawee Linsuwanon

Dependency of Livelihoods on Riverine Ecosystem Services in the Peri-Urbanizing Bangkok Metropolitan Region: A Case Study of Sam Phran District, Nakhon Pathom Province

30. Suvekchhya Tuladhar (NRM Master)

From Nepal
Potential Carbon Removals and Timber Production through Forest Restoration in Thailand under NYDF and Beyond. 
May 2022 Graduation.

I aim to be capable and competent enough to provide my contribution towards environmental issues that we face. My research interest consists of how nature-based solutions can help combat and mitigate climate change. 

29. Theethat Rangkasiri (DS Master)

From Thailand
Development of the climate finance platform for improving crop burning practice: Implications for token-based carbon trading 
May 2022 Graduation

I want my research to be a part of developing applications that will allow farmers with low incomes and no credit to access funds equally by simply changing their agricultural behavior.

4. Supawadee Srimongkol (DS Master)

Development of Forest Reference Emission Level and Emission Reduction Potential in Thailand between 2020 and 2030. May 2022 Graduation.

28. Yadanar Myint

From Myanmar

Management of Forest Plantations for Bioenergy, Timber and Carbon Production in Myanmar - Implication for Carbon-Based Financial Incentives
Graduated in May 2021.
Paper published in Cleaner Environmental Systems 

27. Karuna Budhathoki

From Nepal
Effects of Logging Ban on Forest Cover and Carbon Stock Changes in Cambodia –Application of Google Earth Engine and Remote Sensing Technologies. 
Graduated in May 2021.

26. Methawee Pakilakhe

Assessment of the Sustainability Practices of the Energy Company Group in Response to Sustainable Development Goals: A Case Study of Bangchak Corporation. Graduated in May 2021.

25. Megha Bajaj

From Nepal
Detecting Mangrove Forest Cover and Carbon Stock Changes in the Lower Mekong Region Using Google Earth Engine

Graduated in August 2020
Paper under preparation

24. Nurul Pertiwi

From Indonesia
Appropriate Conservation of Indonesian Peatlands through the Pricing of Full Ecosystem Services
Graduated in May 2020
Journal paper under review

23. Rifath Naeem

Random Forest Classification for Seagrass Mapping Using Google Earth Engine Cloud Computing Platform in Hithadhoo, Addu Atoll, Maldives. Graduated in May 2020

22. Analiza Cruzat Diaz

From the Philippines
Assessment of Local Farmers' Willingness to Adopt a Mobile App in the Marketing of Bamboo Products: The Case of Maasin in Iloilo, Philippines

Graduated in May 2020
Paper published in Resources, Conservation & Recycling Advances 

21. Phyo Ei Hlaing
Carbon Sequestration Through Restoration of Degraded Forests by Three Native Species: A Case Study of Sagaing Region in Myanmar. Graduated in May 2019

20. Oum Somaly

From Cambodia
Changes of River Water Level and Downstream Local Livelihood Affected by Forest Cover Changes in Phnom Kulen National Park, Siem Reap Province, Cambodia

Graduated in May 2019
Paper published in 
International Journal of Environmental and Rural Development

19. Durga Karki

From Nepal
Natural Regeneration and Management Cost of Shorea robusta Forest in Terai Region, Nepal
Graduated in May 2019

18. Sanga Rinzin
Valuation of Recreational Services of the Royal Botanical Park in Lampelri, Bhutan Using Travel Cost and Contingent Valuation Methods. Graduated in May 2018

17. Sutida Rumphoei
Conservation of Mangrove Forest for Offsetting Carbon Emissions from the Krabi Power Plant in Thailand. Graduated in May 2018

16. Narges Teimoory
Estimation of Carbon Emissions from Deforestation in Afghanistan: Implication for the Establishment of a Forest Reference Emission Level. Graduated in May 2018. Paper under review.

15. Sokna Kry

From Cambodia
Local Perception toward Ecotourism Development in Kampong Phluk Community, Tonle Sap Lake in Cambodia
Graduated in May 2018 
Paper published in Tourism Management Perspectives

14. Pinyarat Chayaporn

Estimation of Carbon Storage in Teak Plantation for One Management Cycle: Implications for Carbon-based Incentives. Graduated in May 2018. Paper published in Cleaner Environmental Systems

13. Thanyalak Ratanadilok Phuket

Local Community Participation in Ecotourism: A Case Study of Khlong Khone Mangroves in Samut Songkhram Province, Thailand. Graduated in December 2018

12. Pronphan Pathase
Assessment of Local Understanding of Provisioning Services from Agroforestry Practices: A Case Study in Borabue District of Maha Sarakham Province. Graduated in May 2017

11. Asmita Poudel

Variation of Carbon Stock in Oak Forest: A Case Study of Panchase Conservation Area, Nepal. Graduated in May 2017. Paper published in Global Ecology and Conservation

10. Vasan Narang

Management University Campus Forest for Climate Change Mitigation: A Case Study of the AIT Campus. Graduated in May 2017

9. Kanjana Bunviboolvat

Estimation of Carbon-Based Incentives for Early Action Measures in Thailand's Forest Sector. Graduated in May 2017

8. Wu Szu-Kuang

Managing University Campus Land for Bioenergy Production: A Case Study of AIT Campus. Graduated in May 2017

7. Usa Cherdchoo

An Evaluation of Carbon-Based Financial Incentives in Community Forest Management: A Case Study of Ban Nong Mek Pattana Community Forest. Graduated in May 2017

6. Chan Somanta

Accounting for Carbon Emissions from Reducing Deforestation and Forest Degradation in Phnom Tbeng Forests. Graduated in March 2013.

5. 石野 慈雨

Life-Cycle Assessment of Carbon Fluxes in Managed and Unmanaged Forest Stands. Graduated in September 2010.

4. 江藤 寛子

兵庫県における木質バイオマス資源の利用可能量に関する研究- 現状と展望 -2007年3月修了 (Assessment of Forest Biomass in the Hyogo Prefecture – Present and Prospect)

3. 瀬良 達弥

(Impact of Illegal Logging on Forest Carbon Stocks in Cambodia)

2. 孫 勝昔

(Trends of Forest Carbon Stocks in Japan)

1. 殿井 一宏

(Assessment of Forest Carbon Stocks in the Hyogo Prefecture)

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